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So the first thing I should say is - well done me for coming back after 2 weeks! This is probably the high point in terms of productivity though, as the short story is still at 5- well maybe 6 thousand words. Remember last week I was waxing on about the sotrt story being a medium for learning. Well that might be true, but it's also fertile ground for constant re-writing. 

To be fair it probably needed it. I'm a sucker for plot twists you see. I think everything I've written so far has some stab at a killer ending - just because that's what make me love to reader other stuff. So this is based on a twist, but I feel I have failed to set it up properly. It's like my guy goes for a coffee and then suddenly someone tells him that his whole life is a lie - not quite that bad, but nearly. So I need to set it up, while trying to keep things interesting.

Trying to think of good plot twist endings now. The Wasp Factory springs to mind. I'm struggling to think of many in the fantasy/sci-fi world. Iain Banks (RIP) has done a couple. China Mieville was always good at an unexpected - and therefore satisfying - endings, but it not a twist along the lines of 'ha - you were in VR all along!' or 'you are actually a Fish!' or whatever. Is that because they are all quests? I don't know - will have to come back to that.

The other thing of note is that the latest Brad Reed podcast has told me I need to do mindfulness, which is something I've been thinking about for a while, and dabbled in, but not really embraced. So trying to get started on that properly, while restructuring the story, holding down a job, doing progressively more sadistic 'PE with Joe Wicks' exercises. Lots and ,ots to do. Better get busy!