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Well lookie here. The website is still up. Hello everyone. I'm back. Sorry for the once again prolonged delay. I will once again promise to be more regular on this, but this time I might actually mean it. Why should this be any different, I hear you cry? 'Well because I have got off my @r53 and started using social media', I cry in response. So  in order to have something to refer my 45 followers to I need … well...this.

And that's all very well, but we also need content. As in books. Were we not re-writing Gorodin armed with all the cool stuff we have learned about scenes, and with our stronger, more numerous, 'fleshier' characters. Well yes we were. And we are. So I am editing chapter 1 of my Gorodin rewrite, which is essentially an almost completely new book with the same komodo dragon brothel scene in the middle (that's a good scene!). And I should be writing chapter 2 now.

So I don't have any finished content yet, but neither do I have enough followers to shoft more than about 3 books even if I did. So I will write about writing my book here. And as the material develops, so maybe will the interest - ha ha.

Next blog (in a couple of weeks hopefully) I will tell you about the bits of the book done so far. But right now I have to up my word count (which should not be hard!)