Welcome to the web page and blog of Gregor James, children and adult fictional author.

Greg Jamieson is the nom de plume of a British author who finds it extremely odd writing about himself in the third person. He barely read as a child, preferring Lego and Atari, but he did embark on a first attempt at writing at the age of 11, getting a hundred or so pages into Fighting Fantasy-style  'to fight the orcs turn to page 132' - type game-book on a typewriter liberated from his Dad's office.


Some things have remained constant in that time - his terrible two-fingered typing style for one thing, but more importantly a love of the fantastic. I - sorry - he - loves "proper fiction" and other commercial genres - serial-killer thrillers especially - but he writes to provide escapism - an outlet for a diseased imagination, so has yet to write something not set in an imaginary world for fear he wouldn't be able to resist dropping a laser-toting cyber-donkey into it.


Some things are (slowly) evolving. He finishes his books now - sadly Orc Quest never quite reached that far- and furthermore the endings are the bits he is most focussed on and proud of. He hates walking away from a book with a 'meuh', so tries to ensure none of his readers do. Since the age of eleven he also did stuff like getting married to a gorgeous wife, having three amazing children and getting a rather boring job in that time, so he does a lot of his literary creation (this included) on a train into London.


Greg is no finished article yet. He only needs to read one of those proper books to remind himself of that, but he is enjoying the road to improvement. He deeply hopes that what you find that's good outweighs the dodgy bits, and that you stay with him on this journey. Enjoy the site (assuming there is actually more to enjoy by the time you read this) and - hopefully - the stories.