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Hi Folks - a Happy 2018 to one and all. I have spent the Christmas holidays incubating cold and flu viruses, mostly wearing my way-too-comfy new pyjamas and publishing my new book. See -> there it is on the right. Gorodin Pt1. Like most authors I am 1 part proud, 1 part ashamed, 1 part desperate to rewrite the whole thing, but that's partly why I've put it out there - to remove the temptation for endless re-writes. It works fine as it it Greg - leave the damn thing alone.

This is the first part of a trilogy - the rest of which currently exists as an unmanageable combination of rabid, indecipherable notes and plot plans. So what I really need is for people to read it, love it, and tell me they are desperate to read part 2. Then I can discard all my other life roles (father, wage earner etc.) and go write it. Or maybe not. It would be a powerful motivator though...

I've written plenty blurb elsewhere outlining the book, but not the inspiration behind it. It's a while back now and I don't remember it all perfectly, but I remember liking the concept of someone being kicked out of a isolated desert city, and then learning an earth-shattering secret he needs to get back in for, and around the same time coming up with a neat fantasy idea what that secret would be. Then I got the 2 main characters, and we were ready to go. 

Anyway do please check it out. I will be back shortly hopefully with news on failed attempts at promotion via Facebook/Twitter/Good reads et al. Farewell until then.