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So need to keep it short this week. Because life has caught up with me and given me a good spanking. Some big financial asset management company think the latest release of their front office software is more important than the desert city of Gorodin and the thousand year old plot to destroy it. I don't think trying to explain will help.

I'm not even sure there is anything from the asset manager software release that I can use for inspiration. Can I perhaps incorporate a pointless dispute over which team performs the database refresh into Sharmal's struggle to save his home and family. I think not.

But on the plus side the release is next week, so maybe once that it done, workload will die down, and Chapter 2 will gain momentum again. Another week another opportunity (to mess up!)


Well lookie here. The website is still up. Hello everyone. I'm back. Sorry for the once again prolonged delay. I will once again promise to be more regular on this, but this time I might actually mean it. Why should this be any different, I hear you cry? 'Well because I have got off my @r53 and started using social media', I cry in response. So  in order to have something to refer my 45 followers to I need … well...this.

And that's all very well, but we also need content. As in books. Were we not re-writing Gorodin armed with all the cool stuff we have learned about scenes, and with our stronger, more numerous, 'fleshier' characters. Well yes we were. And we are. So I am editing chapter 1 of my Gorodin rewrite, which is essentially an almost completely new book with the same komodo dragon brothel scene in the middle (that's a good scene!). And I should be writing chapter 2 now.

So I don't have any finished content yet, but neither do I have enough followers to shoft more than about 3 books even if I did. So I will write about writing my book here. And as the material develops, so maybe will the interest - ha ha.

Next blog (in a couple of weeks hopefully) I will tell you about the bits of the book done so far. But right now I have to up my word count (which should not be hard!)

Hey. Me again. And whaddya know -another 3 months appear to have slipped past. 

So where do I start? I guess with the sad fact that while the old Covid outbreak affords one a lot of time in front of this PC, but has also chased away anything one might be able to call a muse. I have - once again - sat down in front of this thing - bashed my head against the keyboard for a bit, then gone off - this time to do a bit of Sonic Pi. Don't know if you've heard of it - it's a codeable synthesizer- great fun for a while when you are determinedly prevaricating. But that ran its course (I have no more patience for composing than I have for writing) and so now I've come back, to resume the plan as set out below. Will it actually come to pass this time? Ha ha ha ha. Sob. 

So to be specific - my author Kanban has the following tasks in it currently:

take gorodin down from publish sites - check

update website etc with new situation (yuh-huh)

read up on novel structure - especially. scenes and which scenes i should write first - i.e. should I write key scenes first and then write the rest of the novel to join up to them, or will that screw up the fluidity of the book - especially considering the lack of time I spend writing in any case.

- carry on with the Gorodin plot and character and scene grids.

- write amazing Novel

- be worshipped as author god


Let's see where we end up this time...

Wassup imaginary fanbase. How are you all surviving the pandemic. Sorry my ,missives have been verging on non-existent. Life has been getting in the way. And it probably still will. I have a family etc. - we all have a lot of stuff to deal with, so I can't promise this will get any more regular - but we'll see.


Writing-wise I have given up on the short stories. I was finding it so hard to get anything at all on paper.  I think part of that is because one of my main source of motivation is the sense of wonder at movie-scale epic plot lines - you know fabulous monsters, epic betrayals, that sort of thing. You can't squeeze that into a short story - it's like trying to do a long jump with a 2 foot run-up.


So I have embarked on a change of tack. Having *accepted* that I don't have the hour+ a day to get proper traction on a novel, I am sharpening the saw in other ways. First is essentially to plan a re-write of Gorodin. So I am doing things like character questionnaires, using a lot of hints from podcasts etc, a plot 'swimlane' which follows the main characters throughout the book, and a synopsis. The PLAN is - I publish bits of these here, and you get to see the masterpiece taking shape. But we've had plans before, so let's not promise anything.


I'm going to wrap this up now, because I have a job to do, but I will check in next week. Or that's the plan…