Welcome to the web page and blog of Gregor James, children and adult fictional author.

Hello all,

Sorry - experiencing a slight delay for 2 reasons. Firstly - I run/ran another website for my son's erstwhile scout group. It's been hacked. Why? Who? Who hacks a site for a provincial cub scout pack? Here I am making jokes about Sergei the hacker being one of my two readers. It's probably true. He (or his crawler bot) is probably waiting for a genuine reader to show up and then WHAM - genuine reader is redirected to his fake Viagra site and no-one ever visits the site again.

The other reason there's no book yet is that part one of the Stygius book is being proofed. To Death. My wife and two of my children are reading/re-reading it in some sort of competitive proofing deathmatch. I will definitely have to (try and) open up some sort of feedback system involving a prize of some sort for the first person to find a typo (not the deliberate ones like AAAAAaaargh  or I-i-i-it's though. Author's decision is final).

More news as it rolls in. But just in case - If anything from this site wants you to buy unusual medication, or interest you in a failsafe diet/exercise regime, or show you that a celebrity has got really fat - then it wasn't from me. Promise


So it's been two weeks, hasn't it? Over two weeks, in fact since my promise of publication. And you - dear googlebot and Pavel the hacker - have waited patiently all this time. And for what?? 

Truth is - the re-reading of my Stygius book has proved more of an ordeal than expected. I had to re-order things a bit you see, and all my protagonists were being introduced after they have already run amok in the previous chapter. They've been killed, or incarcerated, or permanently died green, and there they are alive and free and fleshy pink shortly afterwards with no sensible explanation. But no more folks. It is sorted. Well nearly - I've got to the end of the spine-tingling denoument having re-ordered everything, so I just need to read the coda. Then get my delectable assistant and proof-reader to do the same - and we're golden. Two more weeks max - promise.

Good job no-one is actually reading this or they might be getting fed up by now. :S

..or Olivia Coleman if he's busy. None of your Ben Whishaw business. I mean he's good - I give you that - just a bit Matt-Smith-y.

Welcome to the first actual blog entry, not counting the one that I wrote to check the site was working. This is an enormous conceit, given I have no-one following what I do yet. I can't even convince Google to add the site to its index (it’s a conspiracy - damn you Larry!!), but I wrote a section called 'About the Author' that says 'Enjoy the Site', and you can't enjoy the site when there is nothing in it. So here I am putting something in it. Adding my timid, tiny wee voice to the clamour.


So the status of the literary works of genius are currently as follows:

Baddest of the Bad: I am about to re-read after abandoning her for 6 month while I wrote Gorodin. This is a tip from Stephen King's On Writing that made sense the moment I read it - the idea of leaving the book alone for as long as possible to try and completely forget it and return to it as a 'fresh' reader. Just how fresh I turn out to be I am interested to see, but I do know I can't put off publishing it much longer without officially becoming massive cissy. You will soon be able find more out about BOTB on its own page, but I need to restore my web smarts first to get the darn thing working. (I'm actually a computer programmer by day. I know. They still haven't found out yet. Insane isn't it?)

So the plan is to read and publish BOTB in - what shall we say - 2 weeks? A Valentine's Day release - how about that? And now I have published this I have to stick to it - lest the Google web crawler and the Russian twelve-year-old checking if my site is worth malware-ing come back then and are disappointed.


It's a contract.


So that's it. Going to go now. Will tell you about Gorodin later. I have proofing to do.