So it's been two weeks, hasn't it? Over two weeks, in fact since my promise of publication. And you - dear googlebot and Pavel the hacker - have waited patiently all this time. And for what?? 

Truth is - the re-reading of my Stygius book has proved more of an ordeal than expected. I had to re-order things a bit you see, and all my protagonists were being introduced after they have already run amok in the previous chapter. They've been killed, or incarcerated, or permanently died green, and there they are alive and free and fleshy pink shortly afterwards with no sensible explanation. But no more folks. It is sorted. Well nearly - I've got to the end of the spine-tingling denoument having re-ordered everything, so I just need to read the coda. Then get my delectable assistant and proof-reader to do the same - and we're golden. Two more weeks max - promise.

Good job no-one is actually reading this or they might be getting fed up by now. :S