Welcome to the web page and blog of Gregor James, children and adult fictional author.

Welcome to the first actual blog entry, not counting the one that I wrote to check the site was working. This is an enormous conceit, given I have no-one following what I do yet. I can't even convince Google to add the site to its index (it’s a conspiracy - damn you Larry!!), but I wrote a section called 'About the Author' that says 'Enjoy the Site', and you can't enjoy the site when there is nothing in it. So here I am putting something in it. Adding my timid, tiny wee voice to the clamour.


So the status of the literary works of genius are currently as follows:

Baddest of the Bad: I am about to re-read after abandoning her for 6 month while I wrote Gorodin. This is a tip from Stephen King's On Writing that made sense the moment I read it - the idea of leaving the book alone for as long as possible to try and completely forget it and return to it as a 'fresh' reader. Just how fresh I turn out to be I am interested to see, but I do know I can't put off publishing it much longer without officially becoming massive cissy. You will soon be able find more out about BOTB on its own page, but I need to restore my web smarts first to get the darn thing working. (I'm actually a computer programmer by day. I know. They still haven't found out yet. Insane isn't it?)

So the plan is to read and publish BOTB in - what shall we say - 2 weeks? A Valentine's Day release - how about that? And now I have published this I have to stick to it - lest the Google web crawler and the Russian twelve-year-old checking if my site is worth malware-ing come back then and are disappointed.


It's a contract.


So that's it. Going to go now. Will tell you about Gorodin later. I have proofing to do.