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Sorry for the delay. Had a lot on. We all do, don't we.


Just looking at the last entry - it seems like years ago. I was still trying to write, for a start. Since then scarcely a word has passed by keyboard - not counting emails, other work stuff, or notes not dissimilar to this, urging me to do something significant with my life.


This is because - shortly after the last entry where I was trying to wrestle myself back to the keyboard, I gave myself a week's break. And it felt good. Way way to good. What's more it continued to feel like that for a while. And then other things started to move in on my time. Some worthwhile things, like helping my kids revise their mocks. But also other things, like work.


I have been toying with giving up. Abandoning hope of getting anything published and doing something else. Try to play the piano. Compose some music. But I can't even get enough zhuzh for that. It's like I'm shrinking.


I also have another issue to deal with which  kinda puts everything into perspective. In fact just thinking about it makes me feel guilty for the self-indulgent hogwash up to here. I am going to stop now for a bit