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Hello again - quick one today because I am prioritising badly. I'd rather eat barbecue than talk to you basically.

Some progress. My wife read the story, said she didn't 'get' short stories, and corrected a few typos. Triumphant, huh? 

Better is that I have made more attempts to get other folks checking my stuff out. I've signed up for Scribophile - a peer review site similar to YouWriteOn, but with a payment model (yuk), and a much harder way of reviewing - it seems like you have to do it all online, which I don't really have time for. I sent them a grumpy mail - which I need to check for a reply to actually. 

Also I sent to book to my author buddy, so will tell you how horrible he was about it. 

Plan for next blog is to get a piece of the book onto Scribophile, and find out what short story sites/publishers I could submit my thing to, though acceptances seem pretty rare.

They haven't seen my beautiful prose yet though. Aha ha ha. Ha ha. Hmmm.

Anyway ttfn - see you in a fortnight...ish