Welcome to the web page and blog of Gregor James, children and adult fictional author.

 Well hello there world! Welcome! Again! And apologies again for the slackness. I guess the infrequency of communications is a given by now right. Can I phone in my grovelling apologies? I'll have to think about that. Etiquette for an imaginary audience is something I am kinda making up as I go, so bear with me.

So anyway, much has happened in Gregor James Towers since we last spoke. I have been dropping some lines at youwriteon - the peer review site, after seeing if they could offer me some tips for Gorodin prior to publication. Turns out they could. Turns out I am a bit long at getting to the point sometimes! I know - hard to believe. Anyway once I got the scalpel out and cut away the worst of the waffle people started to like it. I am currently #3 in the November 2017 Top Ten - go me! So it's just possible that if anyone finds the link on that site, AND they click on it, AND it works, then I may no longer be talking only to web crawlers and hackbots. A scary thought indeed. But welcome, dear reader, if you have perchance arrived by such a route. 

Anyhoo - that means I need to spring into action. I am now frantically editing part one, so that anyone interested can download it. Then part 2 - the bit you pay for - will follow on from that. Then the next installment - The Gorgon's Kiss - is being sweatily planned out for writing after that. But I will try and not leave this so long the next time.