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Hi fans - it's me again. 

Sorry about the break. Real life inserted itself once more. I'm not sure that's really an excuse for 5 months of idleness to be honest. It's so long I can't even remember what I've been up to. Well I can remember some of it. I have a free outlet for the e-books, which is good, but I haven't been able to make the Amazon book free. Nor have I even worked out how to make my books appear when you type my name into the Amazon search. Same goes for the google search to reach this very site. Which is why I am almost certainly typing to myself. Sob.

But all is not lost. For one thing I have another book. I may have mentioned it before. It's called Gorodin. It's about 2 friends who get exiled into the desert from their home city (Gorodin), and learn an amazing secret. They just have to get back into the city before they starve to death in order to exploit it - or prevent others from doing so. I should mention the city is definitely in the fantasy world, full of things that are sentient that shouldn't be. Things that float in the air, that shouldn't. All this and more. I even have a (provisional) cover - look:

What do ya think?  Enough to catapult me to stardom? Or should I bite the bullet and hire an illustrator? Ah well - it is what it is.

Anyway I promise (again) to be more diligent with this. And also to get the book out. It's in 2 parts (initially) again, and I'm also going to try and pimp it to some proper publishers (yeah I know). But I'll let you know how that pans out.

Will update you soon! No really! I mean it this time!