Greetings imaginary listeners, how are you this sunny April 1st. Now tempting as it may be, I shall not be littering my post with April-Foolisms (I have a publisher! Someone bought my book! Etc). I shall instead drop a small update on my continuing battle with the online world.

First the good news - the scout site is officially un-hacked, even though I had to practically dismantle the thing to do so. But it least it doesn't scare off all the potential scout mummies and daddies with dire warnings about malware.

This allowed me to focus on the publishing side - so I published my fist book! Again! Baddest of the Bad (Part I). It has gone horrible wonky obviously. I accidentally signed up to KDP select - which means I can't put it on other sites until June. If I can't put it on other sites until June, then I can't list it for free (Amazon insist on you charging £2). If I can't list it for free on other sites then it won't get reduced to free on the Amazon site (they have some magic comparison thingy which will drop their price if it is cheaper on i-Books. So my plan of turning you imaginary readers into a couple of real ones is sadly delayed. I am going to investigate if the Amazon lawyers will come get me if I give my book away in that time. If you are interested in seeing how that goes then email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Ah yes - they reminds me. I also rebranded myself (very painful) over the last week, after finding there's already a Greg Jameson who writes stuff. Admittedly about as high profile as me, but I saw no reason to invite a teeny-weeny turf war. Good luck to Greg and his set of Victorian secret agent books - intriguingly priced at £2.31. I might keep an eye on him as the odyssey continues.

Anyway that's it for now. Keep an eye out for publishing of part 2, and possibly a link to a weird sub-site about Stygius - main character of BOTB - ttfn