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Hello all,

Sorry - experiencing a slight delay for 2 reasons. Firstly - I run/ran another website for my son's erstwhile scout group. It's been hacked. Why? Who? Who hacks a site for a provincial cub scout pack? Here I am making jokes about Sergei the hacker being one of my two readers. It's probably true. He (or his crawler bot) is probably waiting for a genuine reader to show up and then WHAM - genuine reader is redirected to his fake Viagra site and no-one ever visits the site again.

The other reason there's no book yet is that part one of the Stygius book is being proofed. To Death. My wife and two of my children are reading/re-reading it in some sort of competitive proofing deathmatch. I will definitely have to (try and) open up some sort of feedback system involving a prize of some sort for the first person to find a typo (not the deliberate ones like AAAAAaaargh  or I-i-i-it's though. Author's decision is final).

More news as it rolls in. But just in case - If anything from this site wants you to buy unusual medication, or interest you in a failsafe diet/exercise regime, or show you that a celebrity has got really fat - then it wasn't from me. Promise